About Institute

Till the mid-eighties there was no hospital in the state for treatment of Heart diseases and Heart surgeries. The Heart Patients had to go to Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore etc. for treatment in the hope of getting new lease of life. It was not possible for the poor people of the state to get treatment outside the state. Visualizing the pains and problems of Cardiac Patients and their attendants, the state Government decided to setup a Hospital in Kanpur for tertiary care of Cardiac patients.

The Institute of Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery in Kanpur was established in the year 1975. The J.K. Charitable Trust donated the building of Institute and it was named as Laxmipat Singhania Institute of Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery. Since then the Hospital has been providing quality medical service to the community. The Center provides the highest level of quality care amidst technology that is truly world-class and futuristic.

Objectives of the Institute

  • To set-up a center of excellence for the treatment of various cardiac ailments
  • To train future generation of doctors and paramedical staff to the various modern advances in the field of cardiology.


To deliver excellent quality healthcare, to strive with unrelenting commitment towards clinical excellence and to treat the patients with unparalleled skill and compassion.


To Make LPS Institute of Cardiology a branch mark in Cardiac Super Specialty by 2020.


There was a Cardiology  Unit in the Department of Medicine, GSVM Medical College with its beds in the Ward No. 3 of LLR Hospital, Kanpur. This Unit was upgraded as Department of Cardiology  in 1969. The then HOD Cardiology , Dr. S.C. Jain was a great visionary. He knew that Super Specialties may develop in a setup of Institute only, so he convinced the government to upgrade the Department into an Institute. The land for building of the Institute was donated by “Bagla Trust” and the construction of building was done by “J.K. Charitable Trust” with Architectural planning from USA. This building was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister Mr. Narayan Dutt Tiwari on 27-11-1976. The founding faculty of the Institute consisted of Dr. S.C. Jain, Dr. J.R. Talwar, Dr. R.C. Gupta, Dr. S.S. Singhal, Dr. R.P.S. Bharadwaj, Dr. Mohd. Ahmad & Dr. R.K. Shukla with Dr. S.C. Jain becoming the founding Director.

This Institute was established with the aim of providing all the facilities of investigation, treatment and operation to Cardiac Patients under one roof, along with development of trained manpower in the field of Cardiology and Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery.


The building of the Institute was very well planned and is still serving its purpose. However its interiors and exteriors have been modernize in phases over the years to fulfill the growing need. The number of patients has been increasing exponentially. Hence the government decided to increase the bed strength from 100 to 200 during the last Five Year Plan. The constraint of land was overcome by adding one more floor to the existing building and all the administrative & academic facilities on ground floor were shifted to top floor & then the ground floor is now being converted into Emergency & I.C.C.U. wards. At present the Institute is running 130 beds which are likely to become 200 in the near future.

Successful cardiac surgery requires quick supply of blood products. A unit named “Transfusion Centre” was planned and established in the Institute from the very beginning. However with stricter norms issued by Government of India, full-fledged Blood Bank was started in the institute which received the license on 25-03-2010.


 OPD  1,54,823 pts. per year
 Admissions  7,319 pts. per year
 Pacemaker Implementation  410 pts. per year
 Coronary Angiography  2305 pts. per year
 Ballooning & Stenting  424 pts. per year
 Open Heart & Beating heart Bypass Surgery  924 pts. per year
 Other Cardiac, Thoracic & Vascular Operation  340 pts. per year
 Echocardiography  16,352 pts. per year
 TMT    6,567 pts. per year
 Blood Tests  4,20,480 per year



 D.M. (Cardiology)  6 per year
 M.C.H.  3 per year
 P.D.C.C. (Cardiac Anesthesia)  5 per year
 Cardiac Technicians  30 per year
 O.T. Technician  30 per year




Deptt. of Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery

Teachers– 13
Senior Residents– 24

Deptt. of CVTS

Teachers– 10
Senior Residents– 18

Deptt. of Cardiac Anesthesia

Teachers– 04
Medical Officers– 04
Senior Residents– 07

Blood Bank, Pathology & Biochemistry

Teachers– 04


1. To create facilities for running the Institute with full sanctioned bed strength of 200.
2. To improve the level of patient care by getting manpower through outside agencies.
3. To provide proper sitting and staying facilities for the relatives of patients.
4. To expand the area & scope of services for OPD and Daycare patients.
5. Further increase the seats of DM (Cardiology ) & MCh (CVTS)
6. To start the courses of DM (Cardiac Anesthesia), MCh (Thoracic Surgery) & MCh (Vascular Surgery).
7. To provide OPD services to distant patients through telemedicine.
8. To provide the teaching of Cardiology & CVTS to the students of different Medical Colleges through e-classrooms.
9. To establish a department of Preventive Cardiology with Outreach facilities to spread health awareness amongst masses.
10. To provide rapid treatment facilities for patients of Thoracic & Vascular Trauma.